The famous sculpture Come to the Light, also known as Mother Earth, can be visited for three dollars at the Ahau Hotel in Tulum, owned by businessman and actor Roberto Palazuelos, who informed that this is the first stage of the thematic museum to be built on the beach.

In an interview for La Jornada Maya, Palazuelos explained that the thematic museum is not yet 100 percent ready because the rest of the pieces have not yet arrived, but they have already adapted a part of it to allow access to the photos for a fee of three dollars per person (approximately 60 Mexican pesos).

He said that some sculptures are being transported by boat and will take a little longer, but at the request of the public they have already opened -since last Sunday- a sector with the well-known sculpture Come to the light, which was previously at the door of the lodging center, located at kilometer 7.5.

He commented that on the first day of the visit they counted with the presence of 570 people, and little by little they will finish installing the sculptures of this thematic museum, which will also have a wine bar and a pizzeria, among other amenities. He estimated that by December it will be 100 percent ready, in the meantime, people can take pictures with the sculpture of Daniel Popper.

"The truth is that we opened it because people were already complaining a lot about wanting a photo, the other pieces have not yet arrived and we are finishing several things that will be inside because there will be a wine bar, a pizzeria, other sculptural pieces, but in the meantime, people can come in and have their photo taken, which costs three dollars per person," Palazuelos explained.

He pointed out that this tourist attraction, located on the beach of the coastal area of Punta Piedra, will have an incredible sculpture garden with works by renowned artists, in addition to the South African Daniel Popper, famous for his mega-sculptures. Come to the Light was inaugurated in 2018 as part of the Art With Me festival. It is 10 meters high and is made of steel, wood, ropes, and plant material. According to its author, it symbolizes the deep connection that human beings have with nature.