Scooter trouble in Mexico City. Neighbors seek sanctions against


Residents of the Roma-Hipódromo Condesa corridor yesterday confirmed their opposition to allowing the installation of bicycles and scooters in that area since they represent a simple business of the companies and are not necessary to solve mobility problems.

Although some guidelines were issued, their use without precaution turns them into mortal risk, warn
Although some guidelines were issued, their use without precaution turns them into mortal risk, warn

During a press conference, Rafael Guarneros, Francisco Meléndez, and Gustavo Estrella accused the authorities of being complacent with the installation of these vehicles on the sidewalks, in front of the entrances to their homes and even in the gardens.

However, they did not give a figure of how many bicycles and skateboards invaded their streets since Mobike claims to have 1,200 units throughout the city, when in reality there are, they said, five thousand.

According to their data, the bicycles and scooters without anchorage already caused the death of a person, a child with fractures in the tibia and fibula and other injuries.

In spite of the above, they reproached the lack of authority that has given rise to the proliferation of these vehicles on sidewalks and ridges of their colonies and reminded that initially it was not foreseen that in the Cuauhtémoc City Hall they were placed.

They explained that riding a bicycle or skate, without proper precautions, can be very risky and even deadly, so they recommended their users not to ride on sidewalks because they can run over pedestrians or they are injured.

In this sense, they expressed in favor of applying an effective system of sanctions against road misconduct "until we learn".

Gustavo Estrella, head of the colonia Hipódromo, demanded to know the true criteria by which this area was included to place bicycles and skates without anchors because it is the one that most means of transport cross it with Metro lines, Metrobús and buses.

He added that in the municipalities of Iztapalapa and Tláhuac, support is needed to solve mobility problems, but since they are not business for the companies that operate these means of transport, they are not interested in moving there.

Facing the complacency of the authorities, Rafael Guarneros, president of the Foundation Committee of Residents Colonia Hipódromo, said that a direct meeting will be sought with Claudia Sheinbaum, head of the Government of Mexico City because her mobility secretary, Andrés Lajous, did not It has decision power.

Finally, he denounced that in the meeting they had with that official and Rodrigo Diaz, undersecretary of Planning, he told them that they had no reason to consult the neighbors. He indicated that if they are not heard they will go out to the streets to demand that the bicycles do not interfere with transit points.