Enrique Enrich, CEO of Scania Mexico, said that new investments in the country will allow a 40% growth in sales. Scania Mexico announced a 50% increase in its investments for the country during 2019 and 2020, due to the great potential to increase its participation in the truck segment in Mexican territory, which will result in a greater number of jobs and opening 6 points of sales.

Enrique Enrich, CEO of Scania Mexico, said that new investments in the country will allow a 40% growth in sales, derived from the potential they have in the cargo segment: of the 1,140 units to be sold, 800 would be buses and 340 trucks. At a press conference, to present the closing of 2018 and projection of the future of the heavy equipment manufacturer, Natalio de Lima, director of administration and finance of the company, highlighted that Mexico is in the TOP 10 of key countries for Scania.

"Since 1992 Scania has always invested constantly and continuously, in recent years the level of investment has increased and there is participation in foreign buses and tourism. We are going to double the number of branches in the next two years. We will also double the workers, "he said.

In 2017, the Swedish truck and bus manufacturer invested 50 million pesos in Mexico to expand the plant in Querétaro. Now the plans are ambitious for Scania, which is committed to carrying out its operations, investments, and expansion work in two years, which it has commonly been doing in 4 or 5 years.

Currently, Scania has large participation in the bus and foreign market, however, "in the tractors we are gaining market, where we have less than 1%, but we have a great opportunity to grow. Only in January, February and March we will deliver what we sold in 2018, "said De Lima.

The director of administration and finance at Scania said: "We are going to invest a lot in the growth of branches in the country. Double growth in the branches, also in the number of employees, is a challenge, which requires a strong investment in recent years.

We are increasing more than 50% in this country, and accelerating growth and we decided to do in 2 years and a half, what we did in 6 years ". 2018 represented a year of great results for Scania, where 800 vehicles were sold between foreign, urban, and cargo trucks.

This year, the Swedish celebrates 25 years in Mexico for which it implements a The Journey strategy of customer satisfaction, with customer applications, post-sale maintenance support, and a telemetry system. Mauricio de Alba, Director of Retail, mentioned that the number of branches will increase from 12 to 18 and an additional workshop, to reach 30 points in 2030.