The four seaweed trawlers that the Navy has adapted only have an efficiency of 20% because most of this seaweed passes under the collecting bands, revealed today Eduardo Sanchez Anaya, president of the National Unit of Associations of Engineers (UNAI).

In an interview, the engineer affirmed that two weeks ago he went with a team to Cozumel to evaluate these vessels, derived from a meeting with the Secretary of the Navy, Rafael Ojeda Durán.

For the professional, many resources are invested that go to a "dead fund" because they do not solve the Sargasso problem, a situation that has already been commented to Semarnat and Semar.

The UNAI has a project to build electric sargassum carts to collect these algae on the beaches, something he said was very advanced, but is not yet a reality due to lack of resources.

"They say that there are billions, but as long as they are not seen, it is only demagogy", he commented. From the original project, he pointed out, they changed the original German electric motors for cheaper ones, manufactured in China.

To develop solutions for the sargassum recale, his association has already signed agreements with the State Government and with the Technological Institute. Soon he expects to have another one with the Benito Juárez City Hall, he mentioned.