'Roma': The 'Borras' already has its own cumbia and you can listen to it on Spotify

The cinematographic work of Alfonso Cuarón gave way to several artists to make up the album Música inspired by the film Roma, in which there is a cumbia dedicated to 'Borras'

The impact of Rome extends without limit as only an endearing story can do, which is why at the same time winning the recognition of film criticism, the film also provokes artistic manifestations of another nature, such as the musical.

The album Música inspired by the film Roma was recently launched on platforms, in which artists such as T Bone Burnett, Laura Marling, Billie Eilish, Patti Smith and Alfonso Cuarón's daughter, Bu Cuarón, participate.

In an interview for Variety, the filmmaker shared that he and Lynn Fainchtein, music supervisor, held talks about gathering the sounds of Mexico City and presenting them to talents that could create a piece of music from them.

"Eventually, while we finished the film (Rome), that became another conversation, we invited different artists to watch the film, and see if they were inspired," Cuarón told the specialized media.

The story about 'Cleo' inspired 15 songs, among which is La cumbia del Borras, a song by Sonido Gallo Negro dedicated to the dog that appears in the film as the mascot that the Mexican director had in his childhood.

Music inspired by the film Roma is available on Spotify, and none of the songs were part of the film since it is a project that the very essence of semi-autobiographical film motivated.

This note includes information from Variety

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