Roger Goodell reiterates the relationship with Mexico

Prior to the Super Bowl, the NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, played several very interesting topics in the future of the most important football league in the world.

Photo: NFL
Photo: NFL

On the rumors that they could not return to Mexico, once the contract was finished, the commissioner gave good news, at least a reference that they could extend the contract.

Goodell also reiterated the good relationship the league has with the Mexican authorities and partners, despite the cancellation that occurred last fall of the regular season game that was going to be played at the Estadio Azteca, with the teams of Chiefs of Kansas City and the Los Angeles Rams.

The commissioner reiterated how important it is for both the neighboring country and the NFL to return in 2019 to the Azteca Stadium, which this year was frustrated by the poor conditions of the pitch.

"We have a great relationship with the Mexican authorities, with the people and the fans and we are proud of that. We are all disappointed that we can not play there this year, but I think we made the right decision, "said Goodell.

"As everyone knows, I went to Mexico to meet with the President, and we established a good relationship, (and) with our partners, and everyone expects our return, as we will, and we will continue to grow the sport in Mexico."

Goodell stressed that the presence of the NFL in Mexico is something very beneficial for both parties since they can show all the positive things that exist in the country as in the sport of American football.

"It's very good for Mexico because it puts them in a scenario that I think is good for them to show the assets and values that the country has, but it's also very good for the NFL and for our fans, which are the most important thing."

This year, the teams that will play the game at the Estadio Azteca will be the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Chargers, and it will be one of the five regular-season games the league will have this year outside of the United States.

The other four will be played in London with the duels between Carolina Panthers-Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Chicago Bears-Oakland Raiders, Cincinnati Bengals-Los Angeles Rams and Houston Texans-Jacksonville Jaguars.

The date of the match to be played in the Azteca Stadium is still to be defined, like the rest of the NLF 2019 season calendar, which is expected to be ready between February and March.

He acknowledged that it was a complicated year for the league in arbitration matters, which ended with the penalties that were not marked in the National Conference championship game.

Goodell said they will analyze in the offseason the possibility that, for the first time, arbitration punishments may be reviewed in repetition, perhaps as pass interference.