Roger Federer will play in Mexico for the first time

The winner of 20 Grand Slam and comes from disputing the 2019 Wimbledon Final against Novak Djokovic, will have a duel in the Plaza de Toros Mexico, a game that tentatively will be given on November 23.

Federer will play in Mexico, Image: Internet
Federer will play in Mexico, Image: Internet

It was Eduardo Valera, white sports specialist for ESPN, who confirmed the arrival of the "Swiss Watch", who could be considered as one of the best tennis players in history.

Rafael Nadal and the same "Nole" have already been in Mexico when they have faced duels of the Mexican Open Tennis, so the presence of Federer is of paramount importance to the sport in the country.

The highest grand slam winner in history usually comes on the dates of the tournament in Acapulco to Dubai, ATP 500 category, so he had never made changes in his role in events in which he participated.

Previously, it was known that Roger Federer would go to Chile for the first time, also for a friendly duel, where the rumor began to emerge that in his tour of Latin America, would touch the Aztec country as part of the duels that will face in the Americas.

The following strong competitions of the so-called "Big Three" (Nadal, Federer, and Djokovic), the Masters 1000 of Canada (from 5 to 11 August) and Cincinnati (from 10 to 18 August).

Only Djokovic will coincide with Federer (Cincinnati) and Nadal (Canada), so the Spanish and Swiss would not see faces until a hypothetical confrontation in the U.S. Open.

The three will arrive together in New York, a competition that starts from August 26 to September 8, so when Federer arrives in Mexico, could come with a record title more in his hands.

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