Roger Federer confirms he will play an exhibition match in Mexico

The Swiss tennis player Roger Federer will make a series of exhibition matches in Latin American countries such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico.

Federer will play in Mexico, Image: Internet
Federer will play in Mexico, Image: Internet

The Swiss tennis player confirmed his tour of other Latin American countries, including Chile, Colombia and Argentina, where he will face Juan Martín del Potro on November 20. In Mexican territory, the Swiss-player will face the German Alexander Zverev in the Plaza de Toros Mexico.

"I will play in South America after my participation in the Masters in London. Now we define the program. There I found one of the most incredible crowds and I want to live it again," is what Federer assured to Stauffer.

Subsequently, Federer uploaded a video to his social networks, where he confirms only a duel in Argentina against Juan Martin del Potro.

By Agencies

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