Between June 12 and 15, Robotex will be held at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, the largest robotics festival in the world, which will be held in Colombia for the second time. Robotex aims to promote a business culture around robotics and different technologies in young people, which will boost the interest of young people in MedellĂ­n in STEAM + H Lines, an educational approach that seeks to build knowledge-based on projects related to science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and humanities.

This space also seeks to promote the development of technical skills and competencies through participation in the different challenges and challenges that the event has, in addition to promoting the creation of robotics companies through the challenges of entrepreneurship and innovation. Juliana Balaguera, commercial director of Robotex, highlights the importance of it:

"The idea is to bring to the city something that competes us all, not only a robotics competition but an education network, which gives the community the opportunity to know the advances in technological issues and the opportunity to participate in an international event that is a benchmark for innovation and education."

This event, carried out by Kinetics, in this opportunity will have as an ally the UPB, since both institutions have common and complementary objectives in areas of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics; therefore, this collaboration will make the most of its potential.

"This festival brings together engineers, students, and families who are inspired by industry leaders. There the most important thing is to build robots for different challenges and learn about the latest technological innovations. We hope it will be of great impact for the city and our University, "said Hugo Cardona, director of the School of Electrical Engineering of the UPB.

Robotex LatAm will have 5 competitions that will take place on 12, 13, and 14 June at the UPB Sports Center:

Line following enhanced:

In this competition, the participants must create an autonomous line follower robot, which will follow a traced track that will have some obstacles. The team whose robot performs in the shortest possible time this activity will be the winning team.


In this category, the participants will have an autonomous robot that will compete simultaneously with the robots of the other participants (maximum 5 robots) circling on a closed track.


The objective is to take the opponent out of the Dohyo (competition area) within a time limit.

Entrepreneurial Challenge:

In this category, they will compete for the creativity and performance of the participants, who will be able to exploit their creativity.

Master Challenge Robotex / DAPI:

This is a competition that will seek to identify young talent with great skills in programming, mechanics, and electronics applied to robotics.

The first place in each competition will win an entry to participate in the 19th version of Robotex International 2019 that will take place between November 29 and December 1 of this year at the Estonian Fair Center, in Tallinn, Estonia.

Congress Generation R

On the 14th and 15th of June, the Generation R Congress will take place in the UPB's Aula Magna facilities, an event based on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which will give participants a much broader spectrum of knowledge about what is happening around the world in technological subjects. The meeting will bring together four international speakers and a group of local lecturers, influential people from the industry, who will talk about robotics, artificial intelligence, data science, IoT (internet of things), innovation and the future of technology, and how Future technologies will transform our businesses and everyday life.