So far this year, Sinaloa recorded increases in the crimes of robbery of commercial premises by 31.5%, violent robbery 28.7%, bank robbery 18.7%, injuries 22.5%, manslaughter 11.4% and rape 29.5%, according to figures published by the State Attorney General's Office as of August and compared to the same period last year.

According to the statistics, 788 business robberies, 296 violent robberies, 2,039 injuries, 2,400 vehicle robberies and 220 home robberies have been reported this year. In high impact crimes, the figures accumulate 461 culpable homicides, 434 intentional homicides, 16 bank robberies, 5 kidnappings and 193 rapes.

The municipalities with the most high-impact crimes, including injuries and robberies, are Culiacán with 2,779 cases, an average of 11.4 cases per day; Mazatlán with 987 complaints, 4.0 cases per day; Ahome with 935 incidents and 3.8 per day; Guasave with 369 and 1.5 per day; and Navolato with 162, which gives an average of 0.6 per day.

Statewide, 1,109 high-impact crimes and 5,743 high-incidence crimes have been registered, which represents 4.5 crimes related to homicides, bank robbery, kidnapping and rape per day, and 23.6 cases of vehicle, home and business robbery, violent robbery and injuries.

These figures refer to the number of crimes registered in preliminary inquiries or investigation files initiated in the Public Prosecutor's Office, which show that in Sinaloa an average of 8.3 injuries, 9.8 vehicle robberies, 3.2 business robberies, 1.2 violent robberies, 0.9 home robberies, 1.8 culpable homicides and 1.7 intentional homicides are reported daily.

In the case of robbery crimes, the information published by the Attorney General's Office shows increases with respect to the previous month in commercial thefts, increasing from July to August from 64 to 75 reports; in bank robbery, from 0 to 4 crimes; violent robbery, from 26 to 28 cases; and house burglaries, with 25 in both months. Other crimes with increases are injuries, which increased from 240 reports to 249, from one month to the other; and intentional homicide from 52 to 54 cases.