Ripio bought a Brazilian crypto-currency exchange, expands in Latam


Ripio, one of the main Argentinean companies in the Blockchain industry, announced the acquisition of Bitcoin Trade, the second-largest exchange in Brazil. The operation aims to strengthen its presence in that country and expand its products throughout Latin America.

"We have been following the growth of Bitcoin Trade for a long time and we are convinced that we will overcome bigger challenges by working now on the same objective," explained Sebastian Serrano, CEO, and co-founder of Ripio, who is also one of the main references in Blockchain technology in the region.

"We seek to expand access to the world of digital assets, building simple tools, and enabling reliable information for decision making. Based on our experience and trajectory in the region, we decided to embark on Bitcoin Trade in this mission," he added.

Ripio is the main platform of digital assets in Argentina and one of the fastest-growing crypto companies in Brazil. It has recently reached the mark of one million active users.

The company was born in 2013 and is one of the first crypto startups in the region. Since then it has forged strategic alliances with Mercado Pago, Visa, and Circle and has been externally audited for compliance by the prestigious Ernst & Young and PwC. Today it has a team of more than 150 employees in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, and Spain.

In 2020, Ripio became the only Latin American company in its industry on the list of Technological Pioneers of the World Economic Forum and is currently part of various boards of the institution in matters of adoption, application, and crypto regulation.

"We are convinced that Ripio is the best company to extend the path we built with BitcoinTrade in Brazil," says Carlos Andre Montenegro, founder of BitcoinTrade. "I am proud of the opportunity to join such a talented team and continue this journey towards new horizons.

Born in 2017, Bitcoin Trade is one of the main cryptoactive exchanges in Brazil and the second one in terms of trading volume in the country. As of today, the company becomes part of the Ripio family.