Mexico's Ministry of Health plans return of Liga MX


The Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, revealed that he has already held talks with the leaders of the Liga MX and other sports in Mexico about a possible return to activities.

Liga MX: Mexican soccer league. Photo: Agencies
Liga MX: Mexican soccer league. Photo: Agencies

The undersecretary said that during these days of the week he will present a "general reactivation plan", which will include sports activities, but be assured that there is still no exact date for the return.

"We still do not have it defined (the day of return); we had a very active and productive cordial communication. Now we will have to continue with this effort so that the reactivation of sports activities is correctly marked in the general reactivation plan. We have been working on this general plan in a collegiate group (...) and we are identifying the general plan that we will present next week", he explained.

The official also clarified that there are some factors to be taken into account before determining the return to the country's usual activities.

"Basically it is a set of factors. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I will quickly tell you about two elements to be taken into account: on the one hand, health, which is the priority, saving lives, protecting health. And what this requires is that there is no mobility in public spaces to protect against contagion; but there is the other side, and these two elements have been considered since, before the beginning of the national day of healthy distance, there are the negative impacts of keeping us in this situation of immobility," he concluded.

Some countries in the world are already thinking about how to resume the activity of their national and local leagues, after the health contingency by the Covid-19 and an example of this is Germany that in the coming days will return with the actions of the Bundesliga, professional football tournament in that country.

Guide to resume football training in Mexico published

The Mexican Soccer League released the guide that will govern the teams that make up the league in order to train and take into account the preventive measures against Covid-19.

This guide was prepared by the Medical Director of the LBM and its namesake, Sport Med FMCE (FIFA Medical Clinic of Excellence), and takes into account various elements that are present in the lives of footballers, coaches, and team personnel.

"All players, coaches, and staff in contact with them must undergo an initial medical examination that includes questions related to Covid-19, as well as a description of what they have done and where they have been in the last 60 days, as well as whether they have had family or close friends who have suffered from the disease," he includes.

Spitting or wiping your nostrils with anything other than tissues is prohibited on fields or anywhere on club property.

Finally, they explain in detail how the protocol should be carried out once a positive case is confirmed among the elements of the facility, highlighting sampling and mandatory quarantine.

"For the initial-follow up management of a player, the team must assign a qualified doctor, who must keep the file of the player in question and some of the points to consider are: sampling with up to two tests available in the market (antibodies and PCR), being positive the player will be sent to home quarantine for 14 days".

By Mexicanist