Repsol will invest 330.8 million dollars in deepwater exploration


Spanish oil company Repsol will invest around 330.8 million dollars for the exploration plans of three contracts in fields located in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Image: Repsol
Image: Repsol

In accordance with the approval of the Extraordinary Session of the governing body of the National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH), as part of these works, the oil company expects to drill four wells.

The plans for the contracts CNH-R02-L04-AP-CM-G01 / 2018, CNH-R02-L04-AP-CM-G05 / 2018 and CNH-R02-L04-AP-CS-G10 / 2018 seek to evaluate the potential oil industry, corroborate the functioning of the systems and mature the potential zones identified.

Rodrigo Hernández, general director of Exploration Opinions of the CNH, commented that the tasks proposed are appropriate according to the level of maturity of the blocks.

"In case of carrying out the activities that are embodied in these plans, the accumulated investment reaches about 330.8 million dollars, obviously considering the drilling of the four points that are committed in the blocks," said the official of the regulatory body.

By Mexicanist Source Notimex

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