Reporter killed in Mexico had more than 20 years of experience in journalism


The news broadcaster in the Mexican state of Tabasco, in Mexico, murdered on Saturday while having breakfast in a hotel restaurant, was known as 'Chuchín' and led the program Our region today.

Jesus Eugenio Ramos died Saturday morning in a hospital in the city of Emiliano Zapata due to eight gunshot wounds, the Tabasco prosecutor's office said in a statement. The alleged assailant descended from a vehicle and went directly to where the journalist was and shot him.

The governor of Tabasco, Adán Augusto López, said in a statement that he regretted the loss of the reporter and that his murder is being investigated. Until now it is unknown if the journalist had received threats against him or had any kind of security alert. The police look for the person responsible for the crime.

The journalist, who was 59 years old, was popularly known as 'Chuchín' and presented the morning program Our region today at Oye 99.9 FM station, for 20 years.

France 24 in Spanish interviewed Miguel Ángel Mayo, a local journalist, and colleague of Jesus Ramos, who assured that there have been no recent cases of murders of journalists in Tabasco. However, the press has been denouncing clandestine takeovers to the fuel pipe network of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), a state-owned company, involving local authorities. "There have been many murders due to drug trafficking, and organized crime because journalists are conducting research on these issues."

The National Commission of Human Rights (CNDH) requested the Tabasco authorities for precautionary measures to provide security for the victim's relatives and offer them emotional help. The agency also condemned the murder and demanded that the investigation carried out must have a line of an investigation linked to the work of the journalist.

In Tabasco, the presence of drug cartels and fuel traffic has increased the rates of insecurity and violence, where local authorities have also been told to cooperate with criminal gangs.

This murder is the second victim of a journalist so far in 2019, in the midst of an environment of violence unprecedented in Mexico. The death of the communicator is the fourth since Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador took office on December 1.

Local journalists across the country have been victims of violence, which has led the Committee to Protect Journalists to classify Mexico as the most dangerous country in the Western Hemisphere to practice journalism.

Organizations defending human rights and freedom of expression have documented that in Mexico since 2000, 143 journalists have been killed.

President Lopez Obrador has promised more protection and security measures for reporters who are exposed to threats in the midst of violence that shows no signs of abating in his country.

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