One of the destinations that have positioned itself among the tourist places and investment in real estate par excellence is Playa del Carmen. These are some of its characteristics. Living in Playa del Carmen is synonymous with enjoying a paradisiacal place, with a pleasant climate and opportunities to start a business or have a profitable heritage. Its tourism and services industry keeps the city's economy in constant growth. This is a great advantage for investors who want to live in Playa del Carmen, or invest in real estate and use it for different purposes. Five reasons why buying a home in Playa del Carmen is a safe investment with benefits for the present and the future.

Excellent location

Playa del Carmen is the head of the municipality of Solidaridad, Quintana Roo. It is located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, a few hours from Cancun, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico, and just minutes from the island of Cozumel, another entertainment option for those who enjoy extreme sports and contact with nature. Living in Playa del Carmen also means being close to places like the Xcaret ecotourism park, which has more than 1 million visitors annually. Its communication routes are fast and accessible, allowing a constant flow of public and private transportation in case of an emergency.

Entrepreneurial opportunities

According to the report on results of tourism activity in Mexico, the airport in the state of Quintana Roo received more than 700,000 tourists in the first quarter of 2019. This undoubtedly represents a great opportunity for those who decide to live in Playa del Carmen, generate extra income to help them increase their investments, with innovative ideas that can be useful for a large number of tourists and locals. There are countless opportunities to improve the family economy of investors, from the acquisition of real estate for vacation rentals to the sale of handicrafts, daily use, or providing services.

Quality infrastructure

The second most important industry in Playa del Carmen is construction. This is because, due to the high demand for housing and eventual rental of real estate, real estate companies have found an opportunity to offer good quality real estate, well-located housing developments, hotels, accessible roads, and entertainment for those who wish to live in Playa del Carmen for a short time, or permanently.

Real estate capital gain

Buying a house in Playa del Carmen is a decision that can be taken advantage of from the first minute and for several years in the future due to the real estate capital gain. This concept refers to the increase in the value of a property depending on conditions such as its structural condition, location, services that can be found nearby, commercial developments that are established in the area, and so on. Well-maintained and exploited properties near tourist areas will always increase in value and will be useful for different personal and financial purposes.

Excellent quality of life

Playa del Carmen is a culturally diverse city, with job opportunities in the tourism and industrial sectors, with competitive salaries and the option to develop a successful professional career without neglecting personal aspects. It is perfect for young people starting their working life, or for those who want to take a break in mostly warm and pleasant climates all year round. The houses for sale in Playa del Carmen that have basic services and one to three bedrooms have an average price from 1 million pesos, while other types of houses that have more luxurious features such as indoor pool, gym, spacious spaces, and 2 to 4 rooms are in a price of up to 3 million dollars.