Foreign woman raped in Playa del Carmen


A woman from New Zealand reported that she was raped by three men in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo. According to local media, the 38-year-old foreign woman was hospitalized after being raped by three men in the municipality of Solidaridad (where Playa del Carmen is located).

According to the local media, the events occurred early Thursday morning, after emergency services received a request for an ambulance for a foreign woman who reported that she was sexually abused by three men.

According to the media, the woman who lives in Playa del Carmen went to the bar 'La Chancla', located between 10th and 15th avenues, on Wednesday night to have dinner and listen to live music.

During the night, a group of men approached her to toast with her at the establishment. Afterwards, the foreign woman paid her bill and left the place, but the subjects insisted on giving her a 'ride' home, however, once inside the car they tied her hands and feet, with a tape they covered her mouth and eyes; later they took her to a dirt road on the federal highway and raped her.

The subjects abandoned her and fled. The woman walked alone and half-naked along federal highway 307 until she reached the Palladium Hotel where she called for help at the security booth.

The security elements called for an ambulance, where she was transferred to the General Hospital in Playa del Carmen, where she was interviewed by the authorities.

The bar 'La Chancla' informed on October 22nd on its social networks that they are open to cooperate and support the investigation.

"We regret the events that took place outside our facilities, and we inform you that we will be doing everything possible to help find the rapists and refer them to the authorities," they added.