Quintana Roo and Tulum Mexico's new tourist frontier


The natural beauty, the cultural and archaeological attractions of southern Quintana Roo, coupled with the promotion that the State Government has done, are already in the sights of American tourists who see it as "The new tourist frontier of Mexico."

The natural, cultural and archaeological attractions of the center and south of the state attract more tourists
The natural, cultural and archaeological attractions of the center and south of the state attract more tourists

The digital portals of the main media of the neighboring country, such as the USAToday, are already dedicating special reports to this area of Quintana Roo, attracted by Tulum, Mahahual, Bacalar and Chetumal.

"Exploring the south of Tulum" was the title that the digital portal of this medium https://www.usatoday.com put to a job in which it highlights the tourist attractions of southern Quintana Roo.

Governor Carlos Joaquín strengthened the tourism promotion and worked with the North American State Department to ensure that the flow of visitors continues to reach the destinations of Quintana Roo, so that the economy continues to grow and is reflected in the pockets of people.

As a result of the above, the south of Quintana Roo is already considered as the new tourist frontier. The archaeological site of Tulum attracts hikers in such numbers that it eventually became a night destination in its own right, with eco-chic shops, restaurants, and hotels.

Recently, the Flightnetwork travel platform positioned Tulum as one of the five best beaches in the world, after a survey of approximately 1,200 specialists in the tourism industry.

The portal recommends travelers who choose to base their vacation south of Tulum to find a variety of lodging options, including sophisticated resorts, laid-back eco-lodges and four-star hotels that provide the basics.

The three main tourist destinations south of Tulum are the small towns of Bacalar and Mahahual, and the largest city of Chetumal, which is near the border with Belize.

From Chetumal, the USAToday portal points out that it is a border port city that thrives on business instead of tourism. For some travelers, this will be an advantage rather than a disadvantage since Chetumal offers authenticity. There are some places to visit, such as the Mayan Culture Museum, the city promenade, the Manatee Sanctuary and the nearby Mayan archaeological sites of Dzibanché, Kinichná and Kohunlich.