The beaches and the boardwalk are the most liked by Puerto Vallarta visitors


The beaches, the boardwalk, the hospitality of the people, security, cleanliness, restaurants and excursions, and tourist trips, is what most stand out in Puerto Vallarta visitors, in the surveys conducted by the Municipal Tourism Directorate.

Puerto Vallarta visitors enjoy the beaches and the boardwalk the most
Puerto Vallarta visitors enjoy the beaches and the boardwalk the most

According to the opinions gathered among a little more than 500 tourists surveyed, during the fortnight of February, about what they like most about the port, in this order, they responded that its beaches, the boardwalk, hospitality, restaurants, excursion, and walks.

In terms of services, visitors recognize on the one hand the security that is perceived in its streets and tourist areas, as well as the cleanliness of the city.

On the other hand, the same universe of visitors was asked the place of lodging, during the same period, and 35.1 percent answered that in a hotel; 32.4 percent in the house or apartment rented; 18.9 percent with family or friends and 5.4 percent on a boat with a one-day stay.

The means of transport used by the same number of tourists surveyed between February 16 and 28 this year, 62.1 percent said they traveled by plane; 20.2 percent by car; 12.1 percent by bus, and 5.4 percent by boat.

To know the origin of the national visitors, an important number of people were also surveyed, standing out in this order Guadalajara, Mexico City, Nayarit, Monterrey, and Guanajuato.

As for visitors from the United States of America, the survey showed that the main places of origin are Michigan, Washington, Colorado, Chicago, and California.

As the excursions and tourist trips are other activities preferred by visitors, the direction of Municipal Tourism provided data on the movement of tourist boats during the first two months of the year, January and February, whose number throws 101 thousand 756 passengers, against 115 thousand 469 registered in the same period of 2018. So last February, 45 thousand 757 passengers were mobilized, in 2 thousand 779 trips or journeys made.

Taking as its source the Port Authority Integral (API) Puerto Vallarta, the agency also reported that during January and February of this year, 40 cruise ships arrived, of which 15 correspond to the month of February, during which 24 thousand 964 tourists were received and 9,551 crew members.

By Mexicanist