The return of cruise ships to Puerto Vallarta already has a tentative date. It is Wednesday, August 25th, when the cruise ship Panorama of the Carnival Cruises line will dock.

After the return of the cruise ships to this city, the vessels will be docking at least once a week during the month of September, while operations are reestablished in the world, especially in North America, where most of the cruise ships come from. Although specific biosecurity measures are still being fine-tuned, Gerard Guzman said that all cruise passengers and crew must be vaccinated, while on land, the use of mouthwash and disinfectant gel, as well as a healthy distance should be mandatory.

The vehicles in which the cruise passengers will be transported must be previously and constantly disinfected, as well as the places they will visit. The Integral Port Administration reactivated the Cruise Community, a work team integrated by the ports of Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and International Sanitation, which together share experiences, knowledge, and actions aimed at strengthening the decisions taken.

Prior to the arrival of the Carnival Panorama, which will arrive with an estimated 70 percent of its capacity (3,600 passengers), the Integral Port Administration continues with the implementation of all protocols and sanitary measures to be a safe port and increase our competitiveness.

Likewise, it has held work tables with port service providers, tour operators, cab operators, guides, and with the concessionaire Puerto Mágico to define the best sanitary practices, as well as the logistics for the mobility of cruise ship passengers. For such reason, it is important not to lower the guard and to prepare for the arrival of the cruise ships, a tourist sector that leaves great income to the city.