Puerto Vallarta Airport expects to close the 2018 with 4.76 million passengers

Angel statue in Puerto Vallarta
Angel statue in Puerto Vallarta

The Airport Group of the Pacific (GAP) reported that for this winter season it is expected that the Puerto Vallarta International Airport serves a total of 53 routes: 12 domestic and 41 international.

The expected traffic at the Airport of Puerto Vallarta in 2018 is 4.76 million passengers, with a growth of 5.3% in relation to the year 2017, of which 66% of the traffic is international and 34% is domestic.

Within the international stand three routes to Europe: Helsinki, London and Manchester, as well as the new Puerto Vallarta-Panama route. The GAP noted that the number of unique routes has gone from 36 in 2009 to 53 for winter 2018-2019, that is, there is an increase of 17 unique destinations.

The Puerto Vallarta International Airport has grown 80% of its traffic since 2009, that is, 9% per year.