Puerto Morelos is reportedly ready to face the 2019 hurricane season, which officially begins next Saturday, June 1, and ends on November 30, for which 22 anticyclonic shelters have been enabled, 13 in the municipal seat, 8 in the delegation of Leona Vicario and 1 in the community of Central Vallarta, with capacity for more than 3,000 people.

In this regard, the mayor Laura Fernandez Piña reported that previously a vulnerability study was carried out and updated the fragile housing census as part of the Special Program of Rains and Tropical Cyclones 2019, which details the areas of flooding and flood by precipitation, by storm and extreme tide, which will allow acting effectively in case of any contingency.

According to the study headed by the Coordination of Civil Protection of Puerto Morelos, in charge of Guillermo Morales López, there are 14 fragile housing areas in the municipal geography, 12 of them in the delegation of Leona Vicario, community in which it is located the only area prone to extreme flooding in the municipality, this at the exit of the town towards Valladolid, Yucatán.