Puerta 7, the new original Argentinian series by Netflix about the world of the barras bravas


Once again, Netflix bets on local production and this time on something very Argentine: football. However, the focus of this series is on the "behind the scenes" of the clubs, the barras bravas, and the negotiations. Puerta 7, will have 8 chapters, and has a superb cast: Dolores Fonzi, Esteban Lamothe, Carlos Belloso, Daniel Aráoz, Juan Gil Navarro and Antonio Grimau, among others.

Puerta 7 by Netflix. Image: Netflix
Puerta 7 by Netflix. Image: Netflix

Created by Martin Zimmerman -a bilingual Argentinean-American scriptwriter and playwright, whose TV achievements include 'Ozark' (Netflix) and 'Narcos' (Netflix)- and produced by Pol-Ka Producciones, the series will be released on streaming on February 21st.

Puerta 7 is an unwavering exploration of the infamous (and world-famous) Argentinean barras bravas that are at the nexus of soccer, politics and organized crime. The series follows a woman's attempt to break through this male-dominated world and cleanse a football club of its criminal element, a young man's descent into a barra brava to lift his family out of poverty, as well as the war raging within the club's own fan base, as different factions fight over the soul of the barra brava and the millions illegally taken from each club's income.

Dolores Fonzi plays Diana, a woman determined to change the status quo of the macho universe of a football club, where sport, barras bravas, and the neighborhood are mixed, where corruption, violence, and drug trafficking coexist with the inhabitants before, during and after the game. Filmed in different locations in Buenos Aires, the production recreates the fictional world of "Ferroviarios Fútbol Club".