Prostitution proliferates on Facebook groups in Cancun

Publications, where women offer prostitution services, have had a worrying increase in open Facebook groups in Cancun.

Prostitution on Facebook groups in Cancun. Image: Pxfuel
Prostitution on Facebook groups in Cancun. Image: Pxfuel

Social networks such as Facebook have been characterized by the freedom for users to post anything as long as it is not offensive or reported by others, but it currently draws powerful attention as you can easily find posts of women offering their sexual services, which also invite you to see them having live sex.

Currently, there are dozens of groups formed by Cancun residents, where they can put different items for sale, offer their services as workers from different areas, make citizen complaints or simply express their opinions about different situations in the city, but now there are also ads directly related to prostitution.

These are supposed profiles of girls showing off in underwear or very tight dresses that leave very little to the imagination, all of them performing very suggestive sexual poses, asking to be hired via inbox, highlighting their availability 24 hours a day.

Prostitution in Cancun. Photo: La Verdad
Prostitution in Cancun. Photo: La Verdad

"H0la principes c0n el permis0 del admin, 0ffer my services as a partner s3xuaI, we are available 24/7, only several pretty girls that we are active to please, go to my profile and watch us live in a recent video for you", (sic).

In groups like Mercado Libre Cancún or Bazar Cancún, this kind of publications become more frequent and are very shared by the users who do not limit themselves to write all kind of comments in some cases full of lustful words.

It is important to note that in this type of Cancun group there is no restriction to enter, that is, no matter the age any person has free access, which is why minors can see this type of content, mainly when they are not being supervised by their parents.

An important fact is that in spite of being the same women in some pictures they appear with different names, but all of them coincide in asking cybernauts to enter to see their videos.

By Mexicanist Source La Verdad