Projections of textile businesses of the region grow, with Argentina out of the map


The textile industry in Latin America projects business for US $ 481 million and Ecuador is the main actor in the regional scheme. This was indicated by Inexmoda, organizer of the Colombiatex de las Américas fair, which in this 31st edition held in the city of Medellín particularly promoted purchases of textiles, among other links and products of the production chain.

Projections of textile businesses of the region grow
Projections of textile businesses of the region grow

According to the report, with data certified by the survey company Invamer, the tropical country accounted for 27% of the business of the 14,424 international buyers and was followed by entrepreneurs in Peru who made 12% of purchases. The businesses of buyers from Mexico and the United States were equalized by 10% of the total and Brazil, which during the fair was one of the suppliers with the greatest presence, was the minority: it only materialized 5%.

Ecuador returned to be the main negotiator of the event maintaining the percentage of the last edition while Peru climbed steps and appeared among the most important. Mexico increased its exchanges by 2%, while the country governed by Donald Trump maintained its indicator. This year's projection surpassed that of 2018 when the fair closed with a future exchange of US $ 356 million.

Of these agreements, the winning item of textiles took 42% of the exchanges while the machinery, in second place, accounted for 20% of the investments. Entrepreneurs made business in supplies by 15%, threads and yarns by 8% and technical solutions by 4%, among other products.

The indicators tend to repeat themselves according to the item compared to last year, but in the context of the intention to increase the competitiveness in the raw materials market of CEOs in the region, the concentration in the purchase of textiles "is a call" for turn to "the path of innovation and strengthening" of that part of the production chain.

This was pointed out by Carlos Eduardo Botero Hoyos, president of Inexmoda to BAE Negocios, while referring to the large absentees, such as Argentina, in the Latin American trade scheme in this sector: "It rings an alarm, we have opportunities to think new business".

At the global level, the percentage of exhibitors from India gave the indication that their textile industry is still the most competitive. Of the 208 international stands, 21% was occupied by this eastern country; while Brazil was the main supplier of Latin America with 20%. Then, Spain, with 31%; Italy, with 9% and the United States, with 6%; They were also part of this deployment ranking.

In this new edition, Colombiatex sought to innovate with a platform of advance appointments of agreements that generated 1031 interviews. At the same time, the Business Roundtable organized by the institution led by Pro Colombia and the Mayor's Office of Medellín, raised projections for US $ 6.5 million based on quotes from 65 buyers with 170 exhibitors.

via: BAE Negocios