USD/MXN Price Today: Peso Rises


USD/MXN price today, interbank, buying and selling in institutions and banks; Euro, Yen, Yuan, Sterling and Canadian Dollar. Today, the price of the U.S. interbank dollar started this morning against the Mexican peso at $19.00 pesos.

USD/MXN Price Today. Image: Pixabay
USD/MXN Price Today. Image: Pixabay

The Mexican peso rose against the U.S. dollar, sterling, Canadian dollar and the Euro this morning, so the price of the U.S. dollar began this Friday.

However, in a broader comparison of various banking institutions and officials, the average sale price or price of the dollar over the counter this Friday, July 5 is $19.17604.

At banking institutions, the over-the-counter dollar is quoted like this:

19.25 in Banorte

19.40 in BBVA

19.38 at Scotiabank

18.80 pesos in Banco Azteca closed the sale of the dollar

In governmental institutions such as SAT, it is valued at $19.0502; for payments of obligations in official institutions, it is valued at $19.0502 Mexican pesos.

U.S. dollar price, Buying and Selling the dollar over the counter. Exchange rate recorded on the morning of July 5, 2019.

Other frequent international currencies in Mexico

For its part, this Wednesday morning the Euro interbank is quoted at $21.38 Mexican pesos, 9 cents cheaper than yesterday, in front of the rise in the peso.

Due to Brexit, British Sterling is traded separately to the Euro and is valued at $23.84 Mexican pesos. The rising Mexican peso caused the sterling to trade 9 cents less than yesterday.

In Asia, the Japanese Yen remains at $0.18 Mexican pesos. For its part, each Chinese Yuan is quoted at $2.76 Mexican pesos. It should be noted that the Chinese currency has been unchanged from the Mexican peso for several weeks, and has fallen 4 cents this week.

While the Canadian dollar is valued at $14.54 Mexican pesos, 3 cents less expensive than yesterday.

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