Population in Mexico by 2020 will be 127 million


In 2020, the population in Mexico will be 127 million people in the first quarter of the year, according to estimates that the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) plans to conduct the Census of Population and Housing 2020.

Population in Mexico by 2020 will be 127 million. Photo: Pixabay
Population in Mexico by 2020 will be 127 million. Photo: Pixabay

In this regard, dissemination measures will be intensified to ensure that most people attend the exercise that will take place from 2 to 27 March next year, said Julio Santaella, president of the agency.

"It will be simpler this way. On the one hand, to preserve security and on the other to get the answers," he responded to a query about the red spots in violence that have been identified for this exercise where Inegi will put 151,000 pollsters in the country.

"Three out of four people in the country feel insecure about where they live," summarized the official as he consigned the data from the recently published National Urban Security Survey, but did not warn that there are sensitive areas for the exercise.

The official's statements were made during the takeoff of one of Volaris' planes. The vehicle registered N508VL will serve to disseminate the 2020 Census four months after it begins to rise.

Enrique Beltranena, general director of Volaris, stressed that the Census that takes place every 10 years is essential for planning in a sector like aeronautics, where the volume of passengers has increased from 25 to 50 million passengers in the domestic market in a decade.

"In 2005, right in the middle of our birth as an airline, Inegi established that by 2030 we would be 137 million Mexicans, data that meant a series of opportunities for the creation of the business model. Our history is an example that thanks to institutions such as Inegi, all competitors of any industry enter to play in a more even terrain with truthful and timely information," he said.

Enrique Morán Faz, secretary general of the government of Aguascalientes, spoke about the importance of the statistical exercise, but in other words. "The data from this census are the origin, diagnosis and the first point of departure of public policies in our country, whoever does not take these data as a source of reference, would be falling into improvisation and occurrence," said the official.

By Mexicanist Source: Inegi

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