The World Taekwondo Federation continues to promote the poomsae modality to continue showing the competitive level of this category and in the future, it can be part of the Olympic program, therefore, the next step was to create the Grand Prix, where the eight of the best in the world will compete in that contest. Mexico will participate if will take place from June 7 to 9 in Rome, Italy, and will be with Ana Zulema Ibáñez and Marco Arroyo.

"The truth is that we are very excited because this is a historic event, and it is something that we did not have contemplated for this competitive year, so for us, it will be a pride to participate since we will be the first two Mexicans in this new stage of the poomsae," Ibáñez mentioned. The Mexicans earned the right to compete in that event, after placing in seventh place in the Poomsae World Championship in China Taipei last year, in the freestyle mode.

"We are excited, but it is also a great responsibility since we must represent the country with dignity, therefore, we have to continue preparing, and always in freestyle, we seek to improve and not get stuck, we know we have to play a good role," said Arroyo. In the Grand Prix, Mexicans will face powerful countries, such as Korea, Chinese Taipei, Canada, Vietnam, Germany, Italy, and the Philippines.

"We certainly believe that Poomsae can become part of the Olympic Games, and this is a great step, we are already in the Pan American and Central American Games, and now in a Grand Prix the best in the world are going, and hope that for Paris 2024 This sport is Olympic," said Arroyo.

The taekwondoínes recently obtained the title of freestyle, mixed couple, in the Mexico Open, which was held last weekend in the Weapons Room of the Magdalena Mixhuca. "The Mexico Open was a great game to polish things, and we will be looking for more degrees of difficulty," Ibáñez said.