Police disguises as doctor to rescue 45 children hostages in school in Nayarit

A man with a knife went to a school and took a minor and his companions hostage in a classroom in the community of Tondoroque, municipality of Bahía de Banderas, in Nayarit.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

Disguised as a doctor, a Nayarit policeman managed to rescue 45 children and two teachers as hostages after an armed man entered a school in the community of Tondoroque, municipality of Bahía de Banderas, threatening to harm them.

According to what was reported, Ricardo Rosales Aguayo, the undercover police officer who managed to subdue the aggressor, is in charge of the Sub-Coast Coordination of the Nayarit Prosecutor's Office.

The victims of the attack reported that a man without a shirt and knife in hand, climbed the cyclonic mesh of the institution, grabbed a child under 12 and his teacher and threatened to harm them, while the other students were inside the room unable to leave.

It was Ricardo, who initiated the first contact with the aggressor of 42 years, identified as Arnoldo 'N'.

The police mentioned that the conversation of Arnoldo 'N' was incoherent and between his requests to release the minors and his teacher, he was about to light up two gas stations, also a pipe and two bags of the drug known as crystal and a lighter.

After refusing to comply with the demands, Rosales Aguayo decided to pose as a doctor with a briefcase and stethoscope that would check the hostages, gaining the confidence of the aggressor.

When the "doctor" managed to approach the subject and the minor, he frightened the aggressor and took advantage of the moment to take Arnoldo 'N' and subdue him.

"I retreated five steps and I made a sign to the captain of the Navy, that's when the guy turned around and got scared, I got between the boy and the arm where Arnoldo had the knife and I stopped him."

The operative collaborated with personnel of the Navy, Civil Protection and the State Police who sheltered the minors who were then taken care of along with their relatives and teachers.

After the operation, no casualties were reported, although the reason for the attack is still unknown.

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