The Playa del Carmen Jazz Festival 2021 will enter the new normality because the public will be able to use the new QR code application to know all the details of the concerts, the schedule and the history of the musicians, in this event will be held from November 4 to 21 of the same month and then come the weekend of the Festival which will be November 25, 26 and 27, which means that throughout the month of November there will be cultural activities.

In the Playa del Carmen city theater it was announced that the 58 alternative activities of the Jazz Festival Playa del Carmen 2021, which is 19 years old, will be exhibited in a hybrid way, as some will be virtual and others in person, where 60 percent of the public will be able to enter according to what the yellow traffic light allows.

The director of the Institute of Culture and Arts of the Municipality of Solidaridad (IMCAS), Luis Ernesto López Vargas, accompanied by different authorities, announced that these alternative activities have been going on for five years.

He also expressed that they have the support of the federal Ministry of Culture, while some of the concerts will be virtual and others in person, in this second model, the concerts will be live and in full color, while the conferences will be virtual and at the same time will be didactic, because the speakers are in other parts of the world.

Rosy Vivanco, deputy director of the Dirección de Vinculación Cultural, informed that 20 artistic groups from Playa del Carmen will participate in the Jazz Festival, such as: Interaktiva Jazz, New Crazy Company, Big Band de Playa del Carmen, La Parrandera, among others.