Sinaloa plane crash in Durango leaves 3 dead


A small plane allegedly owned by a flight school located in the city of Culiacán, Sinaloa, crashed this Saturday afternoon in the mountains of the municipality of Canelas in the state of Durango, leaving three people dead.

According to local media, the event occurred at approximately 14:30 hours this Saturday where the aircraft crashed and fell to the bottom of the ravines located between the towns of Mesa de Guadalupe and Llanitos, in the municipality of Canelas, Durango.

At least two men and a woman who were traveling in the plane lost their lives after the crash, which according to local media was allegedly the pilot, co-pilot, and a student.

Personnel from the 71st Infantry Battalion of the National Defense Secretariat (Sedena) located in the municipality of Santiago Papasquiaro received the report approximately one hour after the crash, so they immediately moved to the site.

A helicopter of the Government of the State of Durango together with a unit of the State Police (EP) headed to the area to rescue the bodies of the three people.

So far, the authorities have not given an official version of the events, as the area of the crash is very difficult to access. The identity of the victims has not been confirmed.

On social networks, residents of Canelas, Durango, recorded the moment when the alleged aircraft was flying at a very low altitude over the sierra. In the video, one person can be heard saying "Ay por Dios, va bien bajito" (Oh my God, he is going so low), while another said "Ay se cayó por aquel lado" (Oh he fell on that side), and one more asked "How is he going to climb the hills?