Plan to build “The Eye of the Teotihuacán”


In addition to touring the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon in Teotihuacán, domestic and foreign tourists will have the opportunity to contemplate the "city where men become gods" from the sky.

Moon pyramid Teotihuacán
Moon pyramid Teotihuacán

At least it is the plan that the new authorities of the municipality of San Martín de las Pirámides intend to carry out, which will seek to create a giant wheel of fortune in the vicinity of the archaeological zone.

This is the construction of the great "Ojo de Teotihuacán", as it was baptized by the new local administration, from where visitors can contemplate the constructions of the Teotihuacan culture from the heights.

According to Mayor Erick Ruiz Medina, the intention is to create a new attraction to detonate the commercial and tourist activity in the municipalities surrounding the ceremonial center because most of them only benefit indirectly.

The mayor explained that currently the Pyramids of Teotihuacán are located as the first tourist-cultural destination preferred by tourists, however, mostly only travel for a few hours and return to the capital of the country.

"This is convenient for the state of Mexico because all the tourism that arrives is returned to Mexico City, so if we create these alternatives we will make all that rhythm that remains in the Edoméx and San Martin," he said.

"We already have the projects elaborated in terms of costs and design. Obviously we are knocking on doors with all the movement that has taken place at the federal level is where we are seeing where we can (receive resources) in tourism or culture, "he said.

The municipal authorities contemplate the creation of a regional museum that houses the history of the area that has not been disseminated in the Pyramids, and where artisan premises are also installed.

Although for the construction of both projects the municipality contemplates an investment of approximately 300 million pesos, the figure exceeds the local finances, so they will seek in the coming months the support of the federation and the state government.

"If we manage to do these two big projects, it is going to happen that we are going to detonate the economy and we are aware that having tourism there is an economic resource that is good for all of us," he concluded.

via: Hoy