The mobility application created in Colombia in 2016 has reported a significant growth in recent months. In December 2018 it reached 600,000 services and in 2019 the growth has been such that it exceeded one million services per month.

Since last year, Picap has had a presence in Mexico City, recently entered Guadalajara and this 2020 will venture into Puebla and Merida. As for Latin America, Picap has a presence in Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Guatemala, Peru, Paraguay, and Ecuador.

Picap has become an excellent alternative for mobility in large cities with the problem of intense traffic. With the private transportation service by motorcycle, the transfer time of people living in large cities is optimized by up to 50%, accessible rates can be up to 30% below other private transportation services and dynamic rates do not apply.

We are entering a new era of mobility, where the use of motorcycles is becoming indispensable. One of the advantages of using this means of transport is the economic savings. The fuel consumption of a motorcycle is much lower than that of a car, so the cost difference is much lower per trip.

Other expenses that are also reduced are those derived from vehicle maintenance and those related to insurance payments. Without a doubt, the great advantage is the saving of time, traveling by motorcycle is faster than in any other medium. In a city with traffic, such as CDMX and Guadalajara, they can make the same trip 50% faster than a car.

More and better services

This year, Picap decided to increase its portfolio and adapt its infrastructure to enter the logistics market with the "PiBox" courier service. This, taking advantage of the large fleet of active motorcyclists, with which it can guarantee the delivery of orders in less than an hour. In addition, Picap plans to outsource to larger vehicles large courier services, and give those with bicycles opportunities to attend to short distances.

Thus, with Pibox, users can immediately connect to the nearest courier pilot to make deliveries in less time and at a better rate. It can be used for everything from daily shipments to rigorous logistics processes.

This year will also see the launch of the "Picash" service, a mobile solution integrated into the Picap application that allows payments to be made easily and securely through a QR code. By using Picash you will be able to access discounts and promotions in force at the time of purchase at partner stores.

The company currently has 230 employees and approximately 100,000 registered drivers in Colombia and approximately 20,000 in Mexico, a fleet that offers nearly 1.7 million trips and deliveries per month.