As part of the promotion of Financial Innovation in Peru, PROMPERU and the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the University of the Pacific (Emprende UP) are promoting the internationalization mission for Peruvian fintech companies in Mexico that will take place from October 7th to 11th.

This mission will promote the transfer of knowledge and technologies that the fintech sector in Mexico can bring to Peru, detect business opportunities between both countries, establish strategic alliances and contribute to the internationalization of Peruvian fintechs.

Mexico is one of the main engines of financial innovation in the region. It has taken great strides to advance in the development of the ecosystem and position itself as one of the potential "world hubs" of the sector.

More than 62% of Mexican fintech startups have expanded into Latin America and the Caribbean and 37% of these have left the region. The seven Fintechs that will represent Peru are:


They connect investors with growing SMBs to offer home equity loans from S/20,000 to S/400,000, faster, with competitive rates and flexible payment terms.

A digital platform that facilitates foreign trade between small businesses by providing digital guarantees for greater trust and transparency in countries such as Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and Peru.

Agente Cash (Cash Agent)

They offer access to collection and payment services in rural areas through an online system and a network of agents reaching towns and villages without the need for Internet access.

Innova Funding

They connect companies that need financing with investors through an auction platform of invoices with super-competitive discount rates versus other traditional mechanisms.

Factura Fácil (Easy Invoice)

They provide an electronic billing system for SMBs. This allows them to integrate them into the financial system and obtain liquidity.

Auto Fintech Latam S.A.C

A platform that streamlines and optimizes the process of purchasing and financing new motorcycles, concentrating the local offer in one place.


Web platform and app to make currency exchange digitally, securely, quickly with a very competitive exchange rate.

For Elizabeth Gomez, Specialist in Fintech, Corporate Relations and Network of Angel Investors of Emprende UP, this mission will allow to establish better relations between the Peruvian fintechs and the main actors of the sector in Mexico and thus to exchange knowledge of both ecosystems in issues of financial inclusion.

"The objective of this mission is to be able to offer Peruvian fintechs the facilities to get to know a market that is more developed in terms of financial innovation. Participants will be able to take part in academic conferences with prestigious Mexican universities, visit Fintech business incubators and accelerators, meet experts on the recently approved Fintech Law in that country and exchange information on opportunities and experiences".

Why Mexico?

In recent years Latin America has joined the global Fintech revolution, creating ecosystems of innovation and entrepreneurship that allow the development of new technologies that provide or facilitate highly innovative financial products and/or services.

According to the report Fintech in Latin America 2019: Growth and Consolidation published by the IDB and Finnovista, it reveals that Mexico is positioned as the leader in LATAM's Fintech ecosystem with 394 startups of the sector slightly ahead of Brazil which has 380 startups.