Personal (Telecom) announced that from now on it has available the activation of the mobile service in embedded SIM cards (eSIM) although only for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR phones, the only devices that support the technology today.

The mechanism for activating the lines on an eSIM phone is similar in all operators that have launched the service to date. The user must purchase a voucher with a QR code at the Personal office and scan it with the mobile device to download the chosen data plan and start using the line. The eSIM allows remote activation of the service, in addition to managing multiple numbers in the same device.

"With the new eSIM service we are adding a new innovation milestone with Personal that will enhance the experience of our customers. A development that will allow us to continue to evolve the sales and after-sales processes, and continue to expand the portfolio of new services linked to the Internet of Things (IoT)," said Martin Heine, Marketing Director of Telecom.

The news seems to show that eSIM has been simplified and that, with the support of Apple, operators already seem convinced to join this wave. In addition to Personal, Latin America already announced the support to eSIM AT&T, which will begin to offer it in Mexico.

According to Apple's official website, other operators that support eSIM in the region are Claro and Vivo in Brazil and Movistar in Chile. Worldwide, according to the same information, there are about 80 operators around the world that support the embedded SIM card.

However, due to the lack of devices, market penetration is still minimal. "As new suitable mobile devices are launched, Personal will incorporate them into its portfolio," Personal said in a press release.

Meanwhile, Personal aims to capture eSIM tourists who already have the iPhone phones latest model. Perhaps that's why the campaign to activate the service was initiated in Ezeiza, the main airport of Buenos Aires. The company will offer a service with eSIM and 3GB of data, WhatsApp unlimited, plus 30 minutes of international calls and 100 for local calls.