Clandestine parties are organized daily in Tulum despite the covid


Every day there are clandestine parties in secret locations of this site, which are even advertised through social networks. Tourists prefer to check into the more extravagant hotel zone, lounge on beach beds during the day, and consume drugs in secret jungle parties at night.

Although health, state, and municipal authorities have recommended not to hold meetings with a capacity of no more than 10 people, "businessmen" in this tourist destination break the rules and hold clandestine parties with electronic music and DJ's, due to the risk of causing a resurgence of the coronavirus due to a large number of attendees.

These parties are held even though they do not have the necessary permits, because people linked to organized crime could be involved. Tulum has already become a victim of its own success and hostage of the tourists it attracts. Since the border with the United States is still open, Tulum also attracts a new type of visitor: people who rebel against the restrictions of the coronavirus.

According to the local press reports, dozens of tourists have canceled their reservations due to the wave of electronic music events taking place in the hotel zone of Tulum or in "secret locations", as they claim that with so much noise it is difficult to sleep. Despite the fact that municipal authorities announced that electronic music events in Tulum would be suspended, the truth is that these parties continue to take place on a large scale.