Mexico had a good performance at the World Parkour Championship held in Bulgaria, where Javier Rodriguez won the silver medal. The competition held in Sofia, Bulgaria saw how Rodriguez took second place in the championship after being beaten by the Ukrainian Bohdan Kolmakov. Javier took second place in the speed category, while in freestyle he finished fourth.

On the other hand, Jorge Zubillaga, also from Mexico, came in 23rd place worldwide. Javier Rodríguez achieved a race time of 22.02 seconds, while his rival and winner of the championship stopped the clock in 21.26 seconds. Rodriguez was the favorite in the event as he is ranked first in the speed category, while in freestyle he is ranked fifth.

Third place went to Italy's Andrea Consolini and fourth place to France's Valentin Dubois. In the freestyle category, the winner was Sweden's Elis Torthall, second place went to Russia's Evgenii Arorian and the bronze medal went to Greece's Loakeim Theodoris. Mexico's Karla Castellanos finished in the same category in eleventh place and lost to Sweden's Miranda Tibbling.