In Mazatlan, there are many activities that tourists and locals like to do when they visit its beaches, one of them is the parachute ride, better known as a parachute. Surely most of those who have visited the beaches of Mazatlan, have ever seen people flying through the sky, with the help of a parachute pulled by a boat.

This is an activity that allows users to live a unique experience, in which they can enjoy a panoramic view of the harbor bay from above. During this holiday period, many of the tourists take the opportunity to dare to do new things and one of the favorites is precisely this. One of the providers of this service, Jesús Alberto Dueñas, commented that during this holiday season, there is a high number of parachute trips, mainly by vacationers

An important point to carry out this activity is safety, so the instructors at the beginning of the workday, check the harness, ropes, and engine of the boat, also before starting the trip, they prepare you with a life jacket and ensure the special harness, to later give you instructions about the takeoff and landing.

Undoubtedly, this is an activity that attracts children and adults, since anyone who can live this experience can do so. Parachute rides can be found throughout the beach area, but mainly on the beaches of the Golden Zone and the Avenida del Mar.