Paper Mirror, Nancy Spero's first solo exhibition in Mexico


The last work of the American artist Nancy Spero, made in 2007 and entitled Maypole: Take No Prisoners, is in Mexico, where it is exhibited for the enjoyment of the public at the Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo.

Nancy Spero. Photo from E-flux
Nancy Spero. Photo from E-flux

Nancy Spero: Paper Mirror is the first large-scale exhibition in Mexico of the original creator of Cleveland and deceased 2009, which presents the extensive work of the artist over 50 years of production.

The sample consists of around 100 works. It is presented until February 17 and testifies to the artist's professional career, considered one of the first feminists and activists.

Paper Mirror is a mapping of the organic and radical transformations that went through the practice of the artist, for whom the selection of materials, form, themes and formats were always a decision that responded to a political position and the social and cultural environment of the time.

Along with Paper mirror, shows that it presents a complete retrospective to approach the work of Nancy Spero over 50 years, the Museo Tamayo hosts other exhibitions such as Todo lo otro, which reviews the work of Germán Venegas, one of the Mexican artists most important nationally and internationally, whose work is characterized by the hybridization of traditions and mythologies.

Until February 24, the site also presents Vía Láctea, a photographic exhibition by Gonzalo Lebrija where he portrays a group of smokers in Havana to explore the sociopolitical relationships of the act of smoking.