Rescue button with a visual and audible alert, an external camera connected to C5, and access to internal cameras are part of the strategies between the Government of Mexico City and the private initiative to reinforce security. Workers, customers, or even those who transit the area and are in danger may press the panic button that will immediately alert the C5 and in a matter of minutes, elements of the Secretariat of Public Safety will answer the call.

"The possibility of having distress buttons like the one we are seeing, on the street, this distress button allows accidents that occur in this case outside the store, even when the store could be closed are to immediately alert the Walmart security team as well as C5, the information from the camera that we are seeing that information, that video stream also travels to C5 and we know exactly what is happening and where, so in addition to getting images of those who already know of C5, we are going to have surveillance images of the monitoring center of the stores themselves," said Juan Manuel Martinez Ortegon, director of C5.

With the installation of cameras and panic buttons placed outside of businesses, it is expected that some crimes will be reduced.

"We have working groups with various centers of economic activity from banks to shopping centers ... and these efforts when they are coordinated, when they are followed up, when they are evaluated, we have seen that it has a higher performance, to give an example, the working group has been able to reduce the incidence of crime by 25 percent since the beginning of the administration," said Jesus Orta Martinez, secretary of Citizen Security (SSC).

So far the security model and video cameras 'My business' is implemented in shopping centers and supermarkets and according to capital authorities seek to integrate shopping malls such as Artz Pedregal and others that are in the metropolis.