Palma and Riviera Maya will be the focus of the first openings in the holiday market, Room Mate

The president of Room Mate Group, Kike Sarasola, has advanced to that they are finalizing the details to enter the holiday segment with contracts in Palma and Riviera Maya. It will be the incursion of the group to the 'sun and beach' as such and the Mexican Caribbean, after consolidating in urban and exploiting other branches of the business such as apartments and hostels (Sarasola takes a new turn: "I want to enter the hostel sector ").

Photo: company's website
Photo: company's website

"We are going to enter beaches. Our first projects will be one in Palma and another in the Riviera Maya, "says Sarasola, underlining that they will announce it in the next two months since they are finalizing the formalities of the contracts. It also highlights the group's interest in covering the different aspects of accommodation.

"On the Room Mate page you can find them all: hotels, apartments and hostels, because I think that time is very important for the client", says the manager, highlighting that "it is the first chain that has apartments on its website, Not like the others that you have to leave and enter another page. I think we should give the client facilities. "

"We want to have the full range of all sectors and all ages," says Sarasola, recalling the recent opening of its first hostel, the Bunk in Istanbul, as well as the forecast to reach 36 establishments in less than 18 months and open to this year 15 apartment buildings between Spain, Mexico and Italy, the three key markets for the hotel (Sarasola launches Room Mate Group, the brand that unites its three companies and releases logo).

"We believe a lot in these markets because they are working very well for us. Mexico we believe that it has a lot of potential and in Italy, it is going great, "he stresses, especially focusing on his interest in Sicily both in urban and holiday. "The new destination of the Mediterranean is going to be Sicily," he predicts.


In 2018, the chain billed 83 million euros, representing an increase of 3.75% over the previous year. It is also doubling its size, as its expansion plan includes moving from the 24 hotels it currently manages (1,808 rooms) to 36 establishments in less than 18 months (3,600 rooms).

For the next 18 months, it foresees 11 new openings: two in Madrid, three in Rome, one more in Milan, one in Naples, two in Paris, one in Las Palmas and one in Malaga. During 2018, more than 1 million guests came from its hotels, mainly from the USA (14.82%), Spain (12.49%), the United Kingdom (8.84%) and Germany (6.74%) (Room Mate Hotels adds its second hotel in Holland).

Room Mate Hotels has seen its direct sales increased by eight points, reaching 33%, compared to 2017, "thanks to the brand's reputation and its improvements in its own sales channels," the chain points out.

One of the challenges in which all the staff of the group is committed, emphasizes Sarasola, is the commitment to sustainability with the aim of becoming the most eco-sustainable chain. "We have activated an ambitious plan and created an eco-sustainable committee that has already activated measures and values other projects that we will launch throughout the year. With this, we are committed to eliminating 80% of paper and plastic before the end of 2020. "

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