Owlo Space today is a company that provides all-inclusive office services to SMEs, professionals, entrepreneurs, and large companies. Michel Barón is the CEO and co-founder of this project that was born two and a half years ago in Medellín and that today is one of the most successful coworking in the country.

"Owlo Space was born to democratize the corporate buildings of the main capitals of Latin America. For a person who is undertaking it is very difficult to access the offices with the best location in the city, and for that reason, our company makes from a flexible space or a flexible membership a person can live a unique experience in the best corporate projects of the cities."

This initiative allows a physical space of work full of benefits and benefits, with everything included and for a single cost. At Owlo Space, people find furniture, public services, high-speed Internet connectivity, and access to other proprietary resources that guarantee a high-quality service, with the great differential of being in the best business sectors.

How Owlo Space works

"Owlo Space has a figure of 24/7, which means that our members can use the facilities all the time, according to their needs, we have two types of memberships: one is the flexible model where we have areas designed in spaces open for people to work, these range from $ 450,000 to $ 550,000, which is quite economical, apart from this, for those who need a private office, we have spaces from two positions to work teams for 50 or 100 people, depending on the need the company has."

Memberships, whether in a flexible space or a private office, have 24/7 access. In addition, people have included services such as coffee, aromatic, beer, toilet, high-speed internet, meeting rooms and the administration of the building included, which is very practical, since they only have to pay an invoice and with that, they have everything at your fingertips. At this moment they have four offices in Bogota, but their projection is to grow this year to Barranquilla.

"There is already a building that we are going to start adapting and we expect in two months to start operations there. From there we expanded to Panama in July, then Santiago, in Chile, Sao Paulo, in Brazil and finally we will open Mexico City."

Now, although this project is based on coworking, all the adapted spaces are different:

"We want a new experience to be lived in each of the spaces, including Bogotá. Now in the main cities outside of Colombia, we are opening more square meters. To have an idea, in Colombia we have spaces of 1,500 square meters, while in international openings they start from 3,000 square meters."

And if we talk about the differential, Owlo Space has a unique element in its category. It is about Owlo On The Go, a product in which from the Coworking philosophy, restaurants and hotels are integrated that already have amounted infrastructure, to adapt them to the model and allow people who do not need fixed space but that for their work they have to be in the whole city, they can enjoy first level spaces at a single cost. The goal of On The Go is to create smart cities.

At present, there are already 50 associated stores in Bogotá, where people can enter to anyone depending on the location. For example, if someone is in Usaquén and has to send an email, simply look in the application for a place and move to the restaurant. There he introduces himself as a member of Owlo On The Go and now, he can enjoy all the benefits of coworking, be it with a coffee, water, and internet included, feeling like in the office.