The company will seek to promote entrepreneurs and startups with Oracle Customer Innovation Lab in Mexico in which they will provide all their tools and expertise to the public and private sector.

It is a space where the ideas and projects that visionaries will house and where startups users of the Oracle tools will put on the table to solve the most interesting business and social challenges. Oracle will also provide the help of its experts who will guide entrepreneurs to create new innovative projects that help people's lives.

At the inauguration of the laboratory, some of the entrepreneurs who collaborate with Oracle with projects such as smart cities, who would help the citizen security forces to better prepare the police elements to fight crime, or to prevent disasters such as floods, were presented. from a simple application that collects information in real-time from what happens in the different city halls.

Another project that stands out was made by an insurance company, which develop a prototype in which cars are equipped with technology to keep records of the status of the car and to prevent to have failures. In cases such as collisions, the accident is recorded and the company sends a drone to the site to inform the company in real-time about the event and they know with certainty what kind of help will be sent.

Projects like these are the ones that Oracle is anxious to develop in its laboratory that is located in its offices in Mexico City.

"Start-ups, entrepreneurs, organizations with ideas that can transform the lives of Mexicans in terms of transportation, health, education, safety, and who want to generate projects driven by disruptive technologies, are welcome to collaborate with Oracle to continue fulfilling our purpose for transforming the world, empowering people through innovation "- Maribel Dos Santos, General Director, Oracle de México.

In this way, Mexico becomes a third country of four to host a space like this, driven by company technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Blockchain, and, of course, solutions in the cloud.