Online betting, with three-digit increases

Despite the fact that only 73.1 percent of urban areas in the country have Internet services and 40.6 percent in rural regions have connection, the growth of online platforms for casinos and gambling (also known as gambling) increases annually to triple digits in our country. Average user spending ranges from $70 pesos a day to $2,000 pesos a week, which represents $8,000 pesos a month, according to experts.

According to experts, users invest from $70 pesos a day to $8,000 a month; 85 percent of consumers play through cell phones. Image: screenshot
According to experts, users invest from $70 pesos a day to $8,000 a month; 85 percent of consumers play through cell phones. Image: screenshot

In an interview with La Razón, Lenin Castillo, director of operations for the Logrand betting platform, said that gambling is booming because platforms are landing or consolidating on smartphones, which account for 85 percent of online games in the country.

"Eighty-five percent is through a cell phone; when three or four years ago, the dynamic was only with tablets or computers, and the positioning was zero, now it's over 50 percent. These are consistent trends, and the range of users is expanding, the younger the user, the more adept this type of technology is," said the expert.

According to data from the Survey on the Availability and Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Homes, by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), there are 74.3 million Internet users in Mexico aged six and over, representing 65.8 percent of the population.

The total number of users with smartphones grew from 64.7 million people three years ago to 69.6 million in 2018. In addition, two years ago there was an increase in users connecting to the Internet from a smartphone, from 92 percent in 2017 to 93.4 percent two years ago, with a difference of 5.5 million people.

The main online activities during 2018 were: entertainment, with 90.5 percent; communication, with 90.3 percent; and information search, with 86.9 percent.

Gambling exploded in the last 10 years due to smartphones, as the industry had profits in 2010 of 22 billion dollars, while by 2020 it is expected to be almost 60 billion dollars worldwide, according to Statista's data.

Also, Mordor Intelligence revealed that the value of the physical betting market in Mexico amounts to $11 billion dollars; by the Internet, this market is worth up to $600 million dollars.

For Lenin Castillo, the constant growth in the use of betting platforms has helped entrepreneurs evolve their business model, improve their applications and marketing, and launch incentives, which will help the market eventually mature.

"Gambling will continue to grow, at three digits per year, since there is a participation of more active players and a greater penetration; however, users must be given certainty in the use of the platforms, cybersecurity, and respect for their data," concluded the expert.

By Mexicanist Source La Razón