After the acquisition of the Colombian company Capital Logistic, OmniBnk, the neo-bank for companies and SMEs with a presence in Latin America, begins operations in Colombia.

"There are three important reasons why it is difficult to obtain financing in the SME segment. The first has to do with the way in which credit risk is analyzed, the second has to do with the way in which customers are reached to achieve efficient results and the third is in the structuring of the products they really need within SME and the conditions in which said services are offered," said Diego Caicedo, CEO of OmniBnk.

The "neobank" has about 150 large buyers in the country, which worked before with Capital Logistic. In addition, it has 10,000 suppliers, mostly SMEs, actively seeking financing. In 2018, Capital Logistic achieved USD 100 million in financing lines for SMEs, and, after merging with Omnibnk, it is expected to reach USD 1 billion in operations, growing by 10 the current installed base.

It is worth mentioning that OmniBnk not only offers services for SMEs but also works with other corporate clients.

"With respect to our products, OmniBnk goes beyond Confirming and Electronic Factoring to provide complete working capital solutions for SMEs, structured and approved instantly," concluded Caicedo.