Movie "No Man's Land" is shot in Guanajuato starring Frank Grillo

Guanajuato capital, San Miguel Allende and San Luis de Paz are venues for the filming of the Hollywood film "No Man's Land".

Movie "No Man's Land" is shot in Guanajuato starring Frank Grillo
Frank Grillo to Star in Modern-Day Western ‘No Man’s Land’.

Guanajuato capital, San Miguel Allende, and San Luis de Paz are venues for the filming of the Hollywood film "No Man's Land", produced by Robert Allyn and directed by Conor Allyn. This production whose drama is about the migration between the United States and Mexico was supported by the state of Guanajuato, which has made efforts to attract national and international productions to Guanajuato.

"We considered filming in locations in the United States and Mexico ... but our heart was here in Guanajuato, and we chose it because of the inner beauty of its people and its culture, the physical beauty of its towns and landscapes. With the help of Guanajuato, we hope to make the world fall in love with Mexico as much as we have, "said No Man's Land Director Conor Allyn.
María Teresa Matamoros Montes, Secretary of Tourism, said that "the state of Guanajuato has always been home to the best cultural, artistic and educational institutions in Mexico, and attracts filmmakers and artists from around the world to create great films, television, music, and arts. We are very pleased to join this special film, which will provide millions of dollars in foreign direct investment to create jobs and economic opportunities for the state, and help make Guanajuato a household name for film audiences and viewers from around the world."

The film is directed by Conor Allyn (who also directed Walk, Ride, Rodeo, Netflix original movie). The script, written by fellow actor Jake Allyn and co-written by Mexican screenwriter David Barraza, brings a different look to the global debate on migration.

Frank Grillo to star in No Man's Land

According to an exclusive by Variety, Frank Grillo and Jake Allyn will play father-and-son Texas ranchers in "No Man's Land," a modern Western drama from director Conor Allyn. Allyn and David Barraza Ibañez penned the script, which is inspired by the real-life "no man's land" between the U.S.- Mexico border on the Rio Grande and the U.S. "hard border" fences to the north.

At the center of the story is a father-son vigilante patrol, which is thrust into chaos after Jackson Greer (Allyn) accidentally kills an immigrant boy. When his father (Grillo) tries to take the blame, Jackson flees south on horseback, becoming a gringo "illegal alien" in Mexico. Chased by Texas Rangers and Mexican federal agents, Jackson embarks on a pilgrimage to seek forgiveness from the dead boy's vengeful father (Jorge Jimenez) only to fall in love with the land he was taught to hate.

Margate House Films will produce in partnership with Bluegrass Pictures and the State of Guanajuato, Mexico. Producers include Rob Allyn, Joel Shapiro, Conor Allyn, and Jake Allyn. Grillo, Victor Almeida, Simon Fawcett, and Araceli Velazquez are executive producers.