The situation in which we find ourselves will last long enough to achieve a new way of thinking and acting. A kinder, more responsible, and, above all, more conscious way of thinking and acting. It will last long enough to be in solidarity with each other from serenity and not from fear. Long enough to rethink our goals and live up to our aspirations.

The best thing we can do at this time is to modify our responsibilities and act in cooperation with those around us. Together we can build a new reality, and that depends on decisions made now. What will happen will not be a matter of luck, but the result of our own will and action.

Let us build a new reality from will and action.

The beginning of any year is always an excellent time to start from scratch, achieve new goals, and consolidate new lifestyles. However, this is not just any year. So we are facing the opportunity to make a move that allows us to continue standing, strategically set the pieces in motion to transform our home, our community, and our country.

Happy New Year!