New online business trends flood the Mexican market


E-commerce has reached this Latin American country with its pros and cons, offering options such as binary transactions, the sale of assets on Internet sites, contracting of billing and accounting programs and acquisition of vehicle insurance. All this in the most profitable conditions for high profitability, amid a panorama of expectation in the current markets.

The digital newspapers announce the success of the new Mexican millionaires and the results of the binary options to get rich online.
The digital newspapers announce the success of the new Mexican millionaires and the results of the binary options to get rich online.

In the latest financial trends, the new Mexican millionaires use tricks such as buying and selling cryptocurrencies and investing in the stock market.

But what are binary operations? These digital options operate with assets such as currencies, commodities and stock indices on the most popular and secure Internet platforms. They are called binary because they occur in two ways: buy at the high (CALL) or down (PUT). After the agreed time, the price must reach the previously established figure to obtain the profits.

The purchase and sale of these transactions are what is known as trading. Nowadays, in Latin American countries this type of digital market is booming as an alternative to the crises and the strong devaluations of the currencies of this region of the world.

Mexico is the country with the greatest activity of brokers and knows how to work with this type of digital options with multiple advantages. However, the success of this activity has promoted the appearance of fraudulent pages that operate with Mexican pesos.

It is for this reason that novice traders should choose only the binary options sites that work with dollars and euros, and are backed by banks and international payment systems. Others prefer to rely on more experienced advisors and do so with less valuable investments.

New entrepreneurs and investors also verify the versatility, efficiency and legality of their accounting. Most of them rely on software like "Mis Cuentas" to carry out their invoicing with fiscal stimuli for the income tax.

When contracting this type of programs, the companies that are in the free zone have the option of issuing their electronic invoice with the encouragement of a VAT of 8%, in a fast, automated and reliable way. And create tax incentives for income tax.

These organizations choose the option "VAT Credit applied of 50%" in the "Rate Fee" of the digital invoice, which allows them to take advantage of tax incentives for ISR payment.

The novelty of this software is the automatic configuration and automation without the need to install extra functions for the changes demanded by the SAT.

For accurate payroll accounting, billing and payment, the program send and receives documents in XML, CFDI 3.2 and 3.3 formats, calculates taxes and XML declarations in a few seconds and automatically downloads expenses and accounting income.

Among the advantages of this system is the registration of accounting data through the Internet connection, receipt of payments, validation of policies and XML declaration, quickly and with the greatest protection of the accounting information of the company.

The sale of companies through electronic commerce is one of the latest trends in the Latin American country. Partners look for sites like for their negotiations, in transactions protected with reliable software and without intermediaries. The purchase-sale is free, in a direct exchange of supply and demand.

The managers of companies with annual sales of more than 15 million US dollars that want their purchase or sale, have the alternative of hiring a professional adviser that optimizes their capital through a process in which they study aspects such as the understanding of the company and the market, financial devaluation and the capital structure or the presentation of possible candidates, among others, for a fair negotiation.

In addition, this procedure also applies to SMEs that wish to be commercialized in the new digital exchange spaces.

Regardless of the valued capital, this type of portals seeks the following objectives: to plan an orderly sale, to create a free competition, to negotiate with criteria of equity and to achieve an attractive financial structure for both parties.

Another advantage is the possibility of consulting the reputation of a potential buyer, valued objectively by the statistical resources of these pages.

For greater tranquillity of the entrepreneurs, the car insurance comparator is available with the most attractive promotions of this season. When quoting auto insurance in Mexico with Rastreator, customers have a unique opportunity to hire the best car insurance, in order to safeguard one of their most important assets.

In less than 2 minutes, users who are worried because they drive without insurance, now have the opportunity to consult different insurance options for the vehicle for free and assess those that best suit their needs.

The advantage of using this type is the saving of time and money since customers no longer have to wait for their insurance agent to request a quote. The hiring now is direct and free of commissions.

The process is very simple: fill out a form with personal data and vehicle information. Below are the different coverages: Civil Liability, Extensive Plus and Extensive Limited. And finally, in a few clicks, you get the ideal insurance, in search of greater security.

When choosing coverage, employers think of an appropriate plan and the choice of low-interest rates with flexible repayment terms. As well as having reliable technical support 24 hours a day to cover all types of emergencies.

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