"Everything Will Be Fine", the new Netflix series a la mexicana

In the new series "Everything Will Be Fine", a complicated relationship, a marriage that falls apart and social problems are the topics addressed.

"Everything Will Be Fine", the new Netflix series a la mexicana
Feminism and black humor Mexican style in the new Netflix series "Everything Will Be Fine"

On August 20, the series "Everything Will Be Fine" ("Todo va a estar bien", Mexico, 2021), a dramatic comedy set in Mexico City, which reflects on the idea of family and relationships today, premiered on the Netflix platform. Filmed in one of the most critical moments of the pandemic, the project directed by Diego Luna, stars Flavio Medina and Lucía Uribe, who give life to Ruy and Julia, a couple with a very intelligent young daughter, who are on the brink of disaster.

The synopsis of the series says it all: they themselves know that they do not work as a couple, but making a decision is not as simple as it seems, especially because, in addition to the complicated nature of their relationship, they must deal with all kinds of problems and personal situations that leave them even more stressed and worried about the future, and about being able to continue being good parents.

The film is essentially a story of love and heartbreak, although it goes much further by questioning the true meaning of marriage, monogamous relationships, the idealization of the perfect couple, the role of gender roles, the family and its many facets. Meanwhile, this production explores the way in which bonds are carried out, but above all how they have evolved and adapted within society.

The interesting project is already among Netflix trends in Mexico and its first season, consisting of eight chapters, is available to be enjoyed.

"Marriage is an archaic institution and it is sold to us as the formula for happiness, what we should aspire to and it is not true, it is harmful to be inculcated in this way and it is great that it is questioned, especially in a medium as well known as Netflix", says to Efe Lucía Uribe, protagonist of the story. One of the main pillars of this audiovisual project has to do with the balance between drama and comedy that the screenwriters orchestrated at the time of writing the story. For Diego Luna, it was always important to put those difficult issues on the table, but with a dose of humor, as he believes that this is the only way to be serious.

"This story was born out of an imperious need to question the idea of the perfect couple, romantic love, the creation of a family and the consolidation of all the expectations one may have of a relationship in an act as cold, institutional and contradictory as marriage can sometimes be," says the creator, producer and director.

"Everything Will Be Fine" does not pretend to be a lesson in inclusion and feminism, it is a comedy and drama series that also wants to entertain and amuse, and that is achieved with the craziest and even weirdest situations, and with characters that take the best of friends, neighbors and acquaintances. The director combines different stories and situations from "real life" and then transforms them into jokes that fall at the best time (from a girl who has a plan to earn money, to a black rooster that appears when no one expects it).