Netflix announces office at Mexico City and new investments in Mexico

The streaming platform announced its participation in 50 new productions in Mexico, as well as the opening of a local office.

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

Netflix sees a market with value in Mexico, which is why they will open a local office in Mexico City this year to have a direct connection with the content creators of the country, said in an interview with Expansión, Ted Sarandos, executive director of content of Netflix.

"When we started doing business in Mexico, we only licensed repetitions of programs and that we could do very well from Los Angeles, two hours away and with two hours of time difference and with many people in the company that speaks very good Spanish. But the more we get involved in generating content with the Mexican creators, the more we want to be close to the producers, the consumers, so soon we will have an office in Mexico where we will see this relationship, as well as our marketing and our public relations, " said Sarandos to Expansion.

In addition to the opening of local offices, the platform is committed to more than 50 original content and co-productions in Mexico that will be released between 2019 and 2020. Among them, there are four local films under the name of 'As fallen from the sky' inspired in the songs of Pedro Infante and starring Omar Chaparro, 'Anchored' by Marcos Bucay, the creator of 'Club de Cuervos', 'Se busca papá' by Corazón Films and 'Ahí te encargo' written by Leonardo Zimbrón and Tiaré Scanda.

In addition, Gael García Bernal will participate in the platform as a producer of a series of five documentary short films under the name of Río Grande, Río Bravo.

"We are excited because our first local original production was in Mexico (Club de Cuervos) and we have worked on it since the first season, now we are closing the last one and we will have 50 new productions towards next year (...) We are very impressed with the producer community, with the team here and it has been a great work experience for all, with programs like 'Casa de las Flores' with such good results around the world, we can only continue producing, "Sarandos told Expansión.

The first Mexican production of Netflix was launched four years ago with 'Club de Cuervos'. Now, the entertainment platform has titles such as the Oscar-nominated film 'Roma' by Alfonso Cuarón, Luis Miguel's series, 'La Casa de las Flores' by Manolo Caro and is even about to premiere a series about the assassination of the presidential candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio.

In a meeting with a group of students from the Centro University in Mexico City on Tuesday, Ted Sarandos made some recommendations to those interested in presenting an idea to Netflix.

The platform executive's message was clear: "We are in a great time to create and access resources that help us make and distribute these contents and these stories, but the difference in this range of content is in the passion with which you generate these stories. If you are a composer you compose music if you are a writer you write, if you make films, you must create fascinating narratives and in this you not only have to put effort and work, it also requires a great intuition "he indicated.

Having successes of the likes of 'Roma' or national productions such as 'Club de Cuervos', Sarandos points out that a few years ago the maturation of the creative market in Mexico was different and therefore it was difficult to initiate projects that completely involve national talent, however, today the country is consolidated as one of the most attractive in this year for the technology.

Around the recommendations to sell an idea to Netflix, the executive said: "It's not just about choosing an idea and thinking about it as a success of a season, one of the big problems that we have identified with content creators is that they have great ideas but do not define well how they will develop their history, whether it will be a season often, three or eight chapters or even if it will be several seasons ", therefore, Sarandos recommends young creators to be visionaries in this regard.

Another of the recommendations is that you expect surprises in the reception of the contents. "Many times as a creator you think that a title could go well for a certain target and you end up having cases where more than one audience follows you. Of course, knowing how to reach people is key, knowing how to be authentic and locating what stories could be transcendent for a certain audience is a great step forward as a creator of entertainment," says Sarandos.

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