The Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) published in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF) on July 5 the guidelines for traffic management and network administration, to which concessionaires and licensees that provide Internet access services in the country must adhere. We tell you what they are.

These guidelines are expected to come into force on September 3, so Internet providers will have up to 60 days to apply them. One of the highlights is the free access that Internet providers will be able to offer through certain contents, applications, or specific services in order to reduce the digital divide.

Internet service providers will be allowed to implement traffic management and network administration policies aimed at ensuring the quality, capacity, and speed of the Internet access service contracted by users, as well as to preserve the integrity and security of the network.

These policies must ensure the free choice of users to access Internet content, applications, and services, without providers hindering, limiting, degrading, restricting, or discriminating access to them.

The IFT guidelines also establish that users must have complete freedom to access any service without being discriminated against or interfered with by network providers, which were subject to agreements and promotions of the providers.

Likewise, it is established that concessionaires must not limit, degrade or block access to content, applications, or services to users, except on a temporary basis and only in those cases in which a risk or emergency situation arises.