Among the legends of the world of comics that are left alive, highlights the great Neal Adams, one of the most innovative cartoonists of all time, in addition to one of the great promoters of the rights of artists in the industry of the comics. And the mythical Adams is the luxury guest of the Conque, the most important comic convention in Querétaro. Adams was the one who defined the visual style of Batman in the seventies, so it will be a luxury to see him in Mexico to celebrate the 80 years of the Knight of the Night, especially for those who could not see him in Guadalajara last year in the Concomics.

Adams revolutionized the world of comics with a dynamic and realistic style, which contrasted sharply with other cartoonists of the time. He began his career at Archie Comics, where he showed a different style to the one that brought him to fame. After being an assistant to the cartoonist Howard Nostrand, which Bat Masterson was doing, he finally found a permanent position as an artist at the advertising agency Johnstone and Cushing.

From there, thanks to his love for comics, he resumed his career, first with the comic strip Chip Martin, College Reporter, and then coming to DC Comics, where he drew war comics, horror, and many covers before his big break, being the titular cartoonist of Deadman, from there his career began to break out, with classics like The Brave and the Bold, where he became the definitive draftsman of Batman in the seventies, jumping to the main title of the "encapotado", where created Ra's Al Ghul. In addition to being the cartoonist of Green Lantern / Green Arrow, with scripts by Denny O'Neil, drawing, among other stories, the famous adventure in which it is revealed that Speedy, the sidekick of Green Arrow, is addicted to heroin. In addition to a step by Marvel in charge of the original X-Men. Finally, another of Adams' great achievements in the industry was being the comic book cartoonist Superman vs. Muhammad Ali.

In addition to being a big pencil and ink, he is remembered for being the main activist in the seventies and eighties to form the syndicate of comic artists, getting Marvel to return his originals to Jack Kirby, and other cartoonists from the era of silver. As if that were not enough, Adams was the main activist and responsible for DC Comics recognizing Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster as the creators of Superman, achieving that, since the seventies, all the comics in which the character appears are credited to the two creatives. Besides getting the publisher to give them a pension in their last years of life.